Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New Adventure

A New Adventure, wow...   is there anything truly more exciting then waking up with a big cheesy smile and knowing your life is about to change.   hummm  NO I can't think of a signal thing.  And for me that day was....wait for it....yes...Today.    Today has been great. A full tank of gas, breakfast at Twin Sisters ( a super yummy place to eat in San Antonio) and hanging out with a group of 7 to 10 year old's.

We painted  we beaded  we made a duct tape wallet...   No board meeting, no 30 min lunches- that by the time you walk anywhere is really only 12... no dead lines....Just ART, PLAY and FUN.

How was your day dear?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Hearts

Heart, this word has a distinctive meaning for each of us…Spirit, Mind, Compassion, Sympathy, Empathy, Kindness, Tenderness, Affection…and LOVE I started making my hand sewn felt hearts as a Random Act of Kindness.
I pass out the small beaded hearts to Women and children at my local crisis center, as a symbol to let them know someone is thinking about them.
 I have found such an over whelming happiness through this simple act and have received so many thankful smiles, I wanted to share my Hearts with you. Hang a Heart in a window, a tree, pass one along to a friend or elderly loved one, these Hearts are full of Hope and Happiness and everything you can imagine, so send Love and Light and Kindness and help make someone’s day.
(Hearts will have ribbon for hanging when shipped)

 Need some inspiration
 Baby shower
Sweet sixteen
 Christmas Best Girlfriend
 Valentine’s Day
 Hair Dresser
 Retirement home volunteer
 Meal on Wheels Volunteer
 Pet Shelter volunteer
 Local fire House
 I post the Hearts I have ready to ship.
If you need a special order please contact me…

 Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good-bye Friend

  How do you reflect back on your life? After all your still here, you’re still young and you’re moving at the speed of light.  At least I am. My sister called me last night the first time in a while, we aren’t able to talk much due to the fact she is busy and I am busy, the world turns and we all run round and round so not to fall off the edge.
 She had news, my sister about an old high school friend who I had not see, talked to or regrettably had not thought of in many years. Our conversation started with “Hi sis, how are you doing?”  “Fine” I answer “What‘s up” wanting to get right to the point of her calling
“I have sad news, Tina died about two hours ago” she said. “What, really I didn’t even know she was sick. (Cancer) We talked for a few more minutes and promised to keep closer in touch.
 After we hang up I gave it all of fifteen minutes to think how truly sad it was that my friend was gone and at an early age 47, then it was back to my nightly chores and taking care of my own family, forgetting that she was my family first. We spent our middle and high schools years together and grew into young adults, before I would marry many years later and be blessed to have two girls to drive me crazy and fill up my arms at night.
 Tina and I ran together, partied together, got in trouble together and grew up together. We spent years getting to know each other and becoming the people are now, only to have a falling out over WHAT I cannot tell you now.
 Time passes and paths separate, tomorrows come and go without a word of forgiveness uttered. I guess what all this rambling is adding up to is this, (Forgive.)
 Pain is unavoidable we all feel it and we all hand it out, but it’s how we handle the pain that intersects with in our lives. Holding a grudge, or waiting for the other person to admit defeat can leave you hollow. There’s an ach in your heart that sits and wait for relief, you tell yourself if that’s the way the other person want to act, then I guess it’s over. Holding your prisoner by not forgiving can eat you alive.
 I do not have a chance now to make up with my lost friend, she is gone and I sit here with regret  wondering why in this world of internets, cell phones, Facebook and more I could find a way to say Hey, how are you.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peanut butter and oat takes only a few minutes to mix together these heart warming goodies,healthy and so so good with a tall glass of milk...filling the whole house with the smells of Christmas...yum... I can't wait to serve them to my dogs...these goodies are part of my new online dog let your dogs know the new summer treats are here...pass the word around The French Dog will soon be opened....a part of all sales go towards helping local animal shelters...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Not

A nap, and why not who in their right mind would not want to take a nap?
soft, cool , comfortable, dreamy, gently, snug, and loved are a few words I find describes why we all enjoy a good nap.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Luck is a double rainbow

Last night as I was sitting in bed I heard this soft tapping coming from outside my window, as I stepped closer to see what could be making the sound, turns out it was my husband trying to catch my attention by tossing pebbles at my window.

Scott, as he likes to be know as, wanted to show me the double rainbow coloring the twilight sky.
I remember as a child reading a book about a double rainbows and how they were good luck to all who were lucky enough to witness one.

Well, luck be mine, I see you hanging there in the clouds and will pass along all you bring my way.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thebirdandthepumpkin shop on etsy

Ok, has you may already know I, like one half of the planet have a Etsy shop...
My shop is called The Bird and the Pumpkin...I paint Story Boxes....these little boxes express your childhood, past and present day life.

A day at the beach or maybe a family drive into the country to pick the 1st pumpkin of the fall season...

Each box is a story that lets you walk down memory lane or helps you create a new one altogether...

What a lovely way to save whatever it is you have to keep close to your heart...

My story box holds drawings and photos from my childhood and was built for me by my Grandfather who knew I would one day have a great story to tell.  He was right, the story that is my life is a book full of sweet smiles, warm friendships and crazy handshakes from strangers who have become my family.

I paint what I believe to be where I what to be, who I am and where I am going...
Do you see yourself in one of these Story boxes too.

Step over to my Etsy shop (one word) thebirdandthepumpkin   type in shops and there you go
your Story box is waiting for you.

See you soon